About doing everything fully – but “only” at 80%

My last blog post was my most personal to date. Ever since, my inbox has been drowning in messages – thank you so much for all your care, but I’m totally okay. I shared the content with you because life both goes up and down, even for me. But we are not always allowed to see it on social media, in the perfect world we live in. But can we live like that at all?

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A loss must never become a taboo – a personal blog post about loss

This Sunday I went through the wildest 24 hours of my life. Those of you who have watched “Iron Woman” on TV2Play know that Claus and I at one point tried to have a child – one more. It fit perfectly into the plans this summer, where there was still time to train up to Hawaii again after a birth. However, the baby project was shelved, and I have since had full focus on the World Cup in Hawaii happening in October. You have probably also noticed this here on the blog. But you can’t be on control of everything.

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A marathon that never ends

You may already know, but I have always been named as the bad runner. A prejudice I myself think I made up for this summer when I ran a marathon in just 2 hours, 57 minutes and 36 seconds. But right now, I feel like I’m in the middle of a marathon that never ends. The finish line moves every time I spot it on the horizon. It’s a real Corona-marathon.

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New year – new New Year’s resolutions

Christmas is over and 2020 is drawing to a close. I’ve already thought about what 2020 actually did for me (see my last blog), but what about 2021? On today’s run, I cleared my mind and came up with quite a few New Year’s resolutions. Have you perhaps had the same thoughts for the year to come?

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What did you get out of 2020?

While the Christmas peace is gradually sinking into many people’s homes, it is also time to look back on 2020 – what did I really get out of the year that has soon passed? What can I take with me for the future? And: Did I get anything out of 2020 at all, Corona and just one race in 365 days?

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On the other side

I’m on the other side of the race in Daytona. On my way home. And the thoughts keep flying. For me, it’s hard to come up with a real race story this time – because it has so many pages. I have to try anyway …

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Race week with real race nerves

I’m approaching normality – If there is such a thing as normal in these times. Next week is Race Week. Exactly as it is and should be! That also means that I have to remind myself of one of my own rules of living: Not to evaluate until one has reached the goal.

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This Year’s first and only race.

It is certainly unusual that these two words: First and last! are intertwined. But 2020 has been a very unusual year. Which is why it seems fitting that in about 14 days I will be setting my eyes on the USA to participate in the first and only race of the year Challenge Daytona.

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