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New year – new New Year’s resolutions

Christmas is over and 2020 is drawing to a close. I’ve already thought about what 2020 actually did for me (see my last blog), but what about 2021? On today’s run, I cleared my mind and came up with quite a few New Year’s resolutions. Have you perhaps had the same thoughts for the year to come?

Those of you who know me know that I have lots of goals – always. But now I also have new New Year’s resolutions for the year to come.

From a purely sporting point of view, I have set three goals – for 2021 must bring more competitions than the year that is almost over.

A podium spot in Hawaii in October 2021 – is for sure the BIG dream.

Nothing more (or it should just be Markus) – nothing less. A podium on Hawaii in October 2021 – will be my main goal for next year. BUT for sure – I will be happy as long as I do the BEST I can do. But everything I will do is going to fit into the countdown – 282 days if anyone has any doubts – to Hawaii, and I’m going to do everything in my power to be as ready as possible for the day I set to start. I look forward to it and I will enjoy the process. I’m lucky that I can.

Do at least one Ironman before Hawaii

I travel to Hawaii with a victory in my luggage – that’s my goal. I believe that mentally, it’s even better for me to have won an Ironman before racing in Hawaii. I’m best like that, and with 2020 without virtually any competitions, I need it. Where and when it will be, will only time, corona or perhaps the gods say. But it is clear that the goal is to arrive with a victory from 2021.

Eat healthier and do strength training three times a week

Yes, but who does not have it as a goal when sitting here after Christmas? But this time I mean it – then we have to see how long it lasts 😉 Well actually, I know for certain that food is something I can very easily turn on and off, whereas training requires more planning after I have become a mother. I mean, I want to eat fewer chocolate truffles and more vitamins and minerals that I know I benefit from and that are important to me. I have to, and I can.

From a family point of view, I have also set myself a number of goals – because there is nothing in my world that is more important.

I dream of expanding the Keep Smiling Store – a project I run with Claus. The little shop gives me the opportunity to develop my own products and share my message, as well as share things with all of you. There should be even more of that in 2021.

Most importantly, Hawaii should be a family project. Claus and I will soon sit down and plan how we want to run this project so that it does not burden our family life, but on the contrary becomes a project for all of us. It cannot be a hinderance, but rather provide freedom for Markus´ development and ensure that he has an amazing childhood.

Our house is being sold. I know that I am not in control of that myself, but I sincerely hope that we get to sell our beautiful house so we can move to something bigger, and that way I will get a whole room for my strength training. That way, that can be done when Markus is put to bed, and I can work out with Claus, so we do not have to do things separately. It will allow us to optimize the framework for the absolute perfect for our family. And well, if you have seen Jernkvinden on TV2 Play, you are probably also in no doubt that there may be an extra children’s room for a later time 😉

And then, there is all of you, my lovely followers – I would also like to share a New Year’s resolution with you. I would like to update my blog once a week so you can follow my life and my path to reaching my goals (especially Hawaii). It will not just be my journey – it will be ours. So please come up with topics, ideas and input on what I need to blog about. It’s still a new and at times difficult or a challenging world for me, so I’m completely open to what you want to hear about. At the same time, the blog allows me to stop and reflect on where I am right now: Am I following my inner GPS or not? It is always the best benchmark.

Have a great start to 2021! – see you on the other side. I will look forward to it!

Happy New Year and Keep Smiling!


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