Michelle Vesterby

I've been in your shoes
and I know how you feel,
whether you lack motivation,
want to get back on track
or live a healthier lifestyle


Training plans tailored to you

Custom workout plans build around your goals as well as video demonstrations to explain exercise technique.

Customized meal plans

For the best progress and results, I design a tailormade dietplan based on your need and everyday life.

Ongoing 1 to 1 support

You can always reach out to me; I'll be sending messages and videos for support to keep you feeling motivated.

Tracking your progress

It is possible to track your progress through the app. I will update your plans accordingly.

I'll always bring good vibes

I believe in the 80/20 rules. 80% is the mental willpower needed to get you into the running shoes on a rainy day - that's why it is so important.

let's reach
your goals


A former elite swimmer with a master’s degree in Sports & Health from SDU, I’m now a professional triathlete – I know all about what your and my body needs. Still, even I have days where I cannot bear to train. It’s completely natural, but I also know that I never regret a workout I have done.

We live in a world where everything has to be perfect. I don’t believe in that illusion – not even when it comes to diet and exercise. But I believe that with motivation, inspiration and strong goals, we can reach our destination. The fear of failure must never overshadow the desire to succeed. As humans, we can do much more than we think, it’s just about focusing on the right thing. This is one of my many shortcuts to the end goal that I would like to share with you.

My drive and motivation have allowed me to reach the top and win
gold medals for Ironmen competitions worldwide. You don’t have to want the same, but the way to cross the finish line is the same – regardless of whether it applies to a desire for a lifestyle change, weight loss or a stronger body.

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling are two simple words that describe my way of living. Smiling is a choice – and so is a healthier lifestyle. It sounds easy, but can be difficult – I promise you many smiles when you train with me!

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Keep Smiling