Another disappointment – another challenge to conquer.

It’s almost like everything is going in circles right now. You convince yourself that you set a goal that you are excited about, you start training – Then suddenly, Corona comes back again and ones plans fall apart. But, you know what! That isn’t going to destroy my plans, because, now there is only 200 days left until Hawaii.

Last week I decided that it was time to go to a training camp. Before corona this was a huge part of my life, and now the time had come to go yet again. I said bye to Claus and Marcus, who usually travel with me but due to the pandemic we decided that it wouldn’t make sense. I was ready, I was excited to go, and even though this would take a toll on the home life, I had a goal: Now I had to give it my all, so that I could be ready for Ironman Texas – since, now that goal had been set, and that was going to be the first race of the year. I had booked my ticket, order the hotel room and everything, everything I needed.

But then! You go to bed one night, with the plan clear in your head, then you wake up the next morning and the competition is cancelled. No race, no goal and no longer a reason to go to the training camp ( Though some people would probably insist that the training is never a waist – I agree, but in that moment it is hard to see it that way).

And it that moment I see, that my own slogan: Keep Smiling, can seem a bit foolish. Since, on a morning like that I wont keep smiling, I’m not Michelle thinking: Oh well, that didn’t happen, then we will just do something else. But, that is what I always do. I get angry, I curse and scream, I get furious and my training goes down a hole. It is so infuriating living under corona, and being an athlete during corona, but I cant change that.

However, I can do something else. Something that works for me. I can find another goal. Something else to focus on. Since, if I don’t do that I will get lazy, with my diet, my training and my mindset – cause otherwise it wont seem worth it. So! That is what I am going to do. I am going to fly home to Denmark, make a new plan over the weekend and start training toward my new goal, whatever that goal may be.

How do you conquer your challenges? Do you pull yourself back up and find a new goal, or do you drop everything? The choice is yours – Not Coronas.

Keep Smiling, 

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