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About doing everything fully – but “only” at 80%

My last blog post was my most personal to date. Ever since, my inbox has been drowning in messages – thank you so much for all your care, but I’m totally okay. I shared the content with you because life both goes up and down, even for me. But we are not always allowed to see it on social media, in the perfect world we live in. But can we live like that at all?

There are filters, there are notices about a (crazy) workout, proper diet, advice for the family, you name it. We all know the feed from our social media. 100% perfection. That’s why I also shared my last blog post with you – about loss.

Life is not 100% perfect. It’s generally just not 100% what we expect. I believe that we must learn to li with this and – otherwise life will simply be too difficult. Let me give an example:

Is it realistic to believe that just because the calendar writes January, that we can then drop all sweets, all unhealthy habits and suddenly exercise every single day? At the same time get more time and energy to make delicious, healthy dishes and snacks, while we also get more time for the family? Probably not! But had one instead set a goal that was approx. 80%, then maybe it was realistic – and then you succeed instead of failing. And when you reach the finish line, you get the best feeling, and then you keep going – week after week. Because you succeed!

That’s why I made a rule for myself: the 80-20 rule.

If we always strive for 100% perfection, then we often end up being disappointed. We end up failing and it is going to overshadow the desire to succeed. I am not saying that we should not be ambitious and passionate – not at all! I would never have gotten here if I had not been, but I say we should put away the 100% feeling of perfection and instead succeed fully and firmly at 80%. Then it’s almost certain that the last 20% will fall into place

But I do not only use the 80-20 rule when it comes to achieving goals. I also use it professionally and completely as well. Professionally, I believe 80% of my success comes from my mental self. Only 20% from my physique. I believe that our minds are insanely powerful, even more than we realize. It’s not without reason that I’m known as “the smiling killer” among my competitors. Have you ever tried to smile on your run when it hurts the most? When your thoughts say: Now! you can do no more, now you stop and walk a little, just a little tiny break? Try it! A smile creates a boost that can easily make you run far longer than you had thought. Of course, it is not as easy as it may sound, but we control ourselves whether we cultivate the thoughts we get. Whether we let them trigger an emotion that triggers an action. My body gets tired much faster than my mind. That’s why (among other things) I smile – and take full advantage of it.

And yes, then there is also my private life. If we – in addition to ourselves – also transfer the rule to others, and our expectations of them, then everything often goes much easier. If, instead of expecting 100% of Claus every single day, I might turn down a bit and “only” expect 80%, then it may also be that it will be easier both to be him, but also to be me. No one is perfect. Not even Claus.

Do you want to be inspired to succeed and achieve goals with the 80-20 rule? Stay tuned, I promise there’s something really, really cool on the way!

Keep Smiling,

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