A new chapter

I have always said that I will never become a “Triathlon trainer” when people have asked me what I will do after my professional career. But I have been given an opportunity that I cannot resist. An opportunity to help others in a very special way – a way in which I can be a motivator and inspirer.

Maybe it’s you who needs me?

I know it all too well myself. I have set myself a goal, but where does the motivation come from? To begin with, it’s all moving forward. I give it my all, maybe even a little too much, but then it’s like the air goes a little off the balloon. Here I usually grab my coach or Claus – because when I do not know what to do, they usually do. They know how to get my motivation back.

I have now been given the opportunity to give back. Not to my coach Frank, and not to Claus, but to all of you who lack motivation. And I’m looking forward to it, because I know how much it means to me! Especially in this time, since corona has not exactly made it easier to get up off the couch. Fitness is closed, we cannot meet with others and much more. Because of this it is easy to fall into pure relaxation.

I have always said no when I have been asked to do similar tasks. Simply because I did not believe in the concept. But I do now, because with my new APP all the elements that are important are gathered in one place. Here you get tailored training courses tailored to your goals, tailored diet plans and tailored online coaching with me. It´s a win-win-win!

Now, you might be thinking ” I’m not going to train for a triathlon, I don’t have wild enough goals, not at all that Michelle would help me.” Not a problem! I am extremely passionate about helping you on the path to your goals. I am also “just” a mother, I have also been pregnant, I have also bothered with the extra kilos afterwards. I know how to use my Masters in Sports and Health and can combine it with ideas from the elite sports world, this is an advantage to get you successfully over the finish line. Because as I wrote last time, I believe that 80% is mental, and only 20% is physics when it comes to achieving one’s goals. I’ll help you all the way!

So, whether you want to complete your first ironman, loose 10 kg, train up to a half marathon or change your lifestyle, I would really like to help you – both with training, diet and coaching. You can reach me when you need it and I always respond within 24 hours.

Curious? Check out my new site – and I promise I’ll follow you all the way when you need it!

Keep Smiling,

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