Race week with real race nerves

I’m approaching normality – If there is such a thing as normal in these times. Next week is Race Week. Exactly as it is and should be! That also means that I have to remind myself of one of my own rules of living: Not to evaluate until one has reached the goal.

In a few days I will line up to start. It will be, as I wrote last time, the first and last race of the year, in Daytona. I’m ready – but I’m excited and nervous too. Because it’s the first time in a whole year. It creates a natural doubt in itself, but when I think about it, I have no doubt: I am ready, and I can do it!

But the doubt, of course, does not come without reason. The Daytona race is anything but my favorite length, and I am also competing against the very best in the short distance. In short, I am out of my comfort zone while they are in the middle of it. But I’m looking forward to it – I’m looking forward to the competition element coming into play again, and I have promised myself that I will enjoy every second. Because as a wise and strong girl once said: I haven´t tried it yet, but I´m pretty sure I can do it.

There are several reasons why I should enjoy every minute of the race. I have not competed in a year – it will be insanely hard, but it will also be an amazing feeling. In addition, I sent Markus on Christmas vacation (with his grandparents), because he does not have to go through the corona restrictions. That’s another reason why I need to go all in!

And then back to my own rule of thumb: You must never evaluate before you reach your goal. All my thoughts about “what if this…” and “what if that…” may turn out to be completely wrong. The same goes for when I am on the track. It’s about seeing the possibilities rather than the limitations, and with this very special opportunity to write a triathlon on the list even in 2020, it is then only a matter of taking advantage of every little opportunity along the way. It applies from the moment we land, and we are locked into Daytona until the race is over and we are locked out again. I haven’t tried all of this before – to race under COVID-19 restrictions – but when I have not tried something before, I can probably easily figure it out. And then I can evaluate when I’m home again.

Daytona will be very special in every way -and I will try to keep you updated along the way.

Keep smiling


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