This Year’s first and only race.

It is certainly unusual that these two words: First and last! are intertwined. But 2020 has been a very unusual year. Which is why it seems fitting that in about 14 days I will be setting my eyes on the USA to participate in the first and only race of the year Challenge Daytona.

All of this really gets my mind racing – can I actually compete after more a years break. And can my mind accept that when I stand ready on the race day that I am well aware that I will get my butt kicked?

As most of you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, the training has intensified over the last few weeks. Practicing the switching from swimming to biking, followed by running, to make my body ready – ready for the competition!

Its new to me – or I guess it isn’t, since this is how I make my living, but this year it’s a new thing. I have, for the first time in my athletic career, had a break lasting a whole year without a competition. A situation which certainly was everything but voluntary. Since, this year was the year where I was going to be standing on the podium on Hawaii.

But that’s just how the cookie crumbled. Corona wanted it different. It’s no use crying over it, as Claus would say. Which is why I have set the stage for 2021 being the year where it happens – And a halfway mark to make it happen is grabbing every opportunity to get better. That’s why I’m packing my bags – since in about 14 days I will be travelling to Florida in the US to participate in Challenge Daytona. The plane tickets have been ordered!

I am fully convinced and determined that going to the US and getting back in the game will do me good- otherwise I wouldn’t be going. But there are a lot of things on my mind in regards to the race, since there is one thing that is for sure: it is not going to be me standing at the top of the podium, which is something that my mind has to work hard to accept.

The first reason for me not being in the top 10, is that it isn’t my usual distance. But I can live with that. The second reason is that it is a lot harder when you consider how long it has been since my last competition, do I even remember how to compete. I’m going to find out four sure.

I’m going to do it to prove to myself that I am well on my way. That I am growing stronger and faster and that this will get me closer to my main goal of standing on the podium of Hawaii in 318 days. I know I still have my best performances left within me. I know that I’m only getting better. And I know that Challenge Daytona will make me better when I finally hear that starting gun getting fired again. All will be great when I am standing at the starting point ready to perform the best that I can.

I DON´T train just for the training, I train so that I can win – That´s how simple this is. (And that is something my mind has to learn to accept that I won’t be able to in Daytona, but that I am there to get prepared for the fight to reach my goal on Hawaii.

I’m excited to see how Daytona is going to go. Excited to see, how I do and to see how and what changes 2020 and corona has had on triathlon? How will it turn out over there? will I feel that I fit  in in the new triathlon-world which changes according to the new COVID-19 changes that have been made.

Stay safe and tuned and keep smiling.

Keep Smiling


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