Michelle Vesterby


Keep smiling. Two simple words that represent my way of living. Life isn’t always worth smiling at, but if you meet the world with an open and positive mind, you’ll get so much more out of it.

As in all other aspects of life, I go all in on triathlon. I swim, bike and run the full distance since this is where I am strongest. Since I decided to start living of my sport in 2012, the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii has been my main goal for the season.


I enjoy all the races I participate in, but this one race will always be the shining star of my season. In 2012 I finished 12th, in 2013 I crossed the finish line as number 8, but in 2014 things just didn’t go my way. So 2015 is going to compensate for that, and I can’t wait to get my return match in October ;)


I find my motivation, inspiration and ‘keep smiling’ attitude in my late brother Mark, who spent his life in a wheelchair not being able to walk or talk. When the hours of hard training start to hurt, I ride for Mark - the happiest and most smiling person I’ve ever met, despite his unfair destiny. Some would probably also claim that I talk for Mark – but personally, I feel that I hold back a lot of talking ;)


Being a triathlete means always being away from home. Luckily I married a guy in December 2014, who shares my passion for the sport – and who doesn’t mind travelling. Not all triathletes are so fortunate that they can bring a bikeb**ch with them when they go to a race. I’m one lucky girl 





DESIGNED BY Jacob Dyrehauge

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